Important Announcement

Shooter Training

To ensure the sustainability of our range complex for generations to come, it is imperative to conduct mandatory range safety/usage classes for all members who intend to use the ranges, regardless of range experience.


No member will be permitted to use the range without completing this class. 

To make sure all members have an opportunity to attend this short class, which will last only 30 to 45 minutes, we are offering two sessions per month.  The classes will be held at the clubhouse and the dates and times are listed on the Upcoming Events tab.

Upon completion of the class, each member will leave with a range card and a copy of the range rules. Members will also be asked to sign a range waiver that states they understand the rules and will abide by them. 

If a member has completed the Range Safety Officer Course this course is not necessary.  Those who have completed the course will, however, be required to attend a separate orientation specific to the new range and it's operating procedures.

It will be necessary to register for the class.  Please do so by contacting Bob Meihls at or at 419.953.8257.



Trap & Skeet Range

The Mercer County Sportsmen's Association has three trap houses and a high-house for Trap & Skeet Shooting.  The Sportsmen's Association is open for public trap and skeet shooting from April through October on Sundays from 12:00pm to 5:00pm and on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


Firearms Ranges

In  2019, a brand new range facility was completed and opened on the grounds of the Club.  The facility hosts a pistol range, a short rifle range, and a long rifle range.  Any member can use the firearms range, however a range safety course must be completed prior to first use.


Archery Range

The archery range is located on the northwest corner of the club's grounds and has numerous targets at various distances.  There is also an elevated platform, perfect for simulating a tree stand or blind.